Dear Christian Parents
An Appeal for Homeschooling
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Part I – My Biblical Appeal
1.  Introductions, Purposes, and Goals - Getting to know one another
2.  Change Your Mind - Setting the approach for this study
3.  Nobody Else’s Business - Your children are your gift from God
4.  Looking for a Pattern - What does the Bible reveal about education?
5.  No Place Like Home - God's ideal place to train a child
6.  No Greater Joy - God-centered homeschooling will make you very happy
Part II – My Appeal Expanded
7.  The Original Intent for Education in America - "Religion, morality, and knowledge" were the first principles of American education
8.  Common Schools, Evolution, and Humanism - How did American schools descend from their original intent?
9.  The Separation of Church and State - How court rulings have removed God and the Bible from public schools
10. Parents’ Rights and the Return of Homeschooling - Know your rights, and join the movement!
11. Complying with the Government - The discreet, wise, shrewd, and innocent way to submit to governmental authority
12. Government Schools and the NEA - How these influences have ruined public education
13. What About Socialization? - Answering this common question with God's design
14. Is It Harmful to Shelter Your Children? - Is too much protection a bad thing?
15. Are the Public Schools Really That Bad? - Addressing the objections
16. Private Schools and Colleges - How to make wise choices
Part III – My Appeal Applied
17. A Plan for Homeschooling - Using the Biblical pattern to form a plan
18. Head Start Homeschooling - Early education for the smallest children
19. Teaching History - A special emphasis on the Biblical worldview for this vital subject
20. A Letter to Fathers - Encouragement and perspective for the head of the home
21. A Letter to Mothers - Praise and encouragement for those who make homeschooling happen
22. A Letter for Your Children - An explanation that children can understand
23. A Letter to Prospective Parents - Hoping and planning for God's gift of children
24. Don’t Grow Weary - Perseverance for this endurance race of education
25. I Commend You to God and His Word - Reviewing the letters, emphasizing the Bible, and reaching for heaven

© 2011 Dear Christian Parents

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