Dear Christian Parents
An Appeal for Homeschooling
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Signed, sealed, and delivered, Dear Christian Parents: An Appeal for Homeschooling is a collection of twenty-five letters written to help Christian parents realize their greatest joy through homeschooling.

Each letter presents compelling reasons for Christian parents to take on the task of educating their own children. With a heavy emphasis on the Bible as well as a historical context, Dear Christian Parents makes a personal appeal for homeschooling from a Christian parent’s perspective. Knowing Christians’ peculiar concerns for their children, the author discusses the Biblical pattern for educating children, the current state of public schools, parental rights in education, socialization for children, and other relevant issues.

Written with a positive, non-judgmental tone, Dear Christian Parents will give encouragement to fathers, mothers, and their children as they build up their families in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

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